Andrea Genovese, Paolo Pinto and Pino Giaquinto are making printed circuit boards replicas, and they are doing a very good job, that's really difficult!


Their output files are available here for download. They are gerber files that can be used directly to produce printed circuit boards. They can be viewed using any program that's able to view gerber files, also online by using for example this site:


WARNING: in Andrea Genovese's printed circuit boards, the silkscreen must be printed using plastic based ink because it's positioned over the tracks and, due to the fact that there isn't thesolder mask, if you use a metallic based ink you will create shortcuts.


Other than printed circuit boards made by Andrea Genovese, there are also other gerber files available, among witch that ones made by Paolo Pinto for his Z80 computer replica. The project description is here: Z80 NE REPLICA, while gerber files of the boards are in the following table.


All gerber files were accurately tested, but obviously we don't take any responsibility for any errors.



LX380.ZIP Power supply 345 K Andrea Genovese  
LX381.ZIP 7 boards BUS 1.93 M Paolo Pinto  
LX381b.ZIP 10 boards BUS 820 K Andrea Genovese  
LX381-MicroDesign.ZIP 12 boards BUS - MicroDesign version with terminated and shielded bus 39.2 M Salvatore Besso  
LX382.ZIP CPU card 1.28 M Andrea Genovese
LX382.ZIP CPU card 4.55 M Paolo Pinto  
LX382b.ZIP CPU card ver. 3.0 2.29 M Paolo Pinto schematic
LX382c.ZIP CPU card ver. 3.1 1.32 M Paolo Pinto schematic
LX383.ZIP Hexadecimal keyboard and display interface 1.75 M Andrea Genovese
LX384.ZIP Hexadecimal keyboard and display 1.24 M Andrea Genovese
LX386.ZIP 8K static ram card ver. 2.0 6.56 M Paolo Pinto  
LX388.ZIP Low-res video card ver. 2.0 4.18 M Paolo Pinto  
LX390.ZIP Floppy-disk interface ver. 2.0 1.53 M Paolo Pinto
Pino Giaquinto
Schedine LX394-LX395.ZIP Eprom programmer add-on cards 9.12 M Salvatore Besso

LX529.ZIP Video graphic and printer interface ver. 2.0 3.56 M Paolo Pinto
Pino Giaquinto
LX548.ZIP 16K eprom basic card ver. 2.0 2.02 M Paolo Pinto  
ram 56k.ZIP 56K ram card (schematics by Roberto Bazzano) 1.0 M Paolo Pinto schematic

eprom multi-firmware.ZIP

Multi-Firmware card (schematics by Roberto Bazzano) 1.39 M Paolo Pinto schematic